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Operative Interventions Performed by Dr. Fuiks



•    Craniotomy for benign brain tumor, meningioma, epidermoid, gangliocytoma, pilocytic astrocytoma


•    Craniotomy for aggressive tumors, Malignant glioma, Anaplastic glioma, Oligodendroglioma,  Metastatic brain tumor


•    Pituitary tumors Endoscopic endonasal approach (incisionless)


 Brain surgery is performed with Neurophysiologic monitoring and mapping to protect vital brain structures and is performed with Stealth Navigation.



•    Cervical discectomy (minimally invasive technique)


•    Artificial cervical disc placement


•    Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion


•    Cervical deformity/Kyphosis surgery


•    Complex surgery including anterior and posterior cervical fusion 



•    Lumbar microdiscectomy (mimimally invasive technique)


•    Complex lumbar surgery including spinal instrumentation for spondylolisthesis and deformity correction


•    Anterior lumbar interbody fusion

•    Oblique lateral interbody fusion


•    Fracture augmentation including kyphoplasty


Thoracic/Peripheral Nerve

•    Peripheral nerve surgery carpal tunnel release


•    Laminectomy for spinal tumors including meningioma, neurofibroma, metastatic disease thoracic spinal instrumentation for spinal fracture


Spinal instrumentation is performed with computerized navigational guidance stealth.

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